In 2010, the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) established OCASCR to promote research in the emerging field of adult stem cell biology in Oklahoma. Since then, adult stem cell research has flourished in our state, and Oklahoma universities, research foundationsm and biotechnology companies are now fortunate to employee many world-recognized investigators who conduct research in this area. In 2019, OCASCR is expanding its focus to include research in regenerative medicine—a field that is closely related to adult stem cell biology and that strives to restore the normal functions of cells, tissues, and organs that have been damaged by disease. OCASCR joins TSET in acknowledging that smoking- and obesity-related diseases are particularly deadly in Oklahoma and is therefore keen on promoting regenerative medicine research that is relevant to these diseases. The overall goal of OCASCR is to help adult stem cell and regenerative medicine research thrive in Oklahoma and to serve as a trusted resource for public information on these topics.